Expert Property Division Attorneys Who Can Assist with the Division of Assets

At Reynolds Family Law, LLC, we assist people going through divorce as they begin the asset division process. There are a lot of emotional challenges that come with the division of marital assets, but our level-headed attorneys and widely respected negotiation skills help to keep those emotions in check.

Understanding the Challenges of Property Division

As family law attorneys, one of our most important responsibilities in the division of marital assets is to determine what actually constitutes marital property. Since courts have no authority over non-marital property, it helps in your divorce proceedings for you to prove that as much of your property as possible does not fit under the court definition of a marital asset. The law defines marital property as all property except:

  • Any property acquired as a gift or through an inheritance
  • Any property acquired after the parties separate
  • Any property acquired by a judgment awarded to either spouse
  • Any property acquired in exchange for other property acquired either before the marriage or by gifts, legacy or inheritance
  • Any property acquired before the marriage

Once we determine what is marital and what is non-marital property, we negotiate for a fair division of these properties. This is where negotiation and level-headedness become truly important. In some cases, compromise is necessary to obtain the best solution for you. The last thing you want is to go to court and have a third party distribute your property without your say.

We care about helping you work out the most fair distribution plan possible.

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